Our family photos

I have been wanting to take some professional family photos for awhile. So here they are. Hope you enjoy. It was fun taking them.

Isn't she beautiful....

Gotta love those kissable lips.

He loves his little sis...not sure if the feeling is mutual yet. :-)

one of my fav pics of Kai

this really depicts the way he is now...always running

love it...nothing sexier

pretty handsome!

my beautiful lil' girl

Can you believe that Kai was throwing the biggest tantrum in this photo? He was...

love this photo

it's beautiful!

Presenting Baby no. 2 - It's a Girl

Presenting...our little girl...still nameless...but beautiful nonetheless.
Lots of visitors

Shane(Ben's bro) and Ben's mom came to visit.

aaagghhh ...shucks...

Daddy put too much soap in her bath...but she was a good sport.

Kai making sure his sister is ready to go.

He always says - 'Mine' when referring to her.

Very cute!

the happy family

Halloween '09

I know it's late... but here ya go... Sorry - for some reason I could turn it... but you can see the cuteness! Mommy forgot the pants/ tights. But he pulls it off with the nappy....
This was the first car he went to... wasn't too sure what to do...
but soon figured it out...

Kai with Daddy - yes our boot wasn't that well decorated-- for some reason we always run out of time and never can put the effort in that I want too. Oh well. there is always next year.

Trip to Alice Springs

The sign Ben said was put up for me - in the middle of no where.

Ben made me get out of the car to pose next to the sign he thought was put there for me.

The rock wallabie we got to see...

Nice spot we found!

We had a stop over in Adelaide and made a run for Glen Elg and had fish n chips. Love Adelaide.

The bridal party! The bride looked beautiful! She made her own dress and cake.

Our pics of the dust storm

So many of you heard that Sydney had a big dust storm yesterday. Ben woke me up, freaking out at the sight of it. He didn't know what was going on. Fortunately, after living in El Paso and seeing my share of dust storms - I could calm his fears. This was not the end of the world. Having said that, it was a spectacular sight! the street lamp in the front of the house
Looking out our back window

Kai loved it!

So I am very behind in posting pictures. Here are just a few from our trip to the States and Mexico over Christmas. Kai's first birthday. We spent it in Mexico with family. Tio Licho made this pinata. Kai was really keen on hitting it.
Kai and his great uncle Licho. They were quite the pair. Tio Licho lost both of his legs due to diabetes and he is very independent and climbs the stairs using his hands to pull himself up and down. So Kai followed his lead. Quite the scene, both of them crawling up and down the stairs.

The family - don't we look like a bunch of tourists.

In the main plaza in Mexico D.F. Supposedly with the biggest outdoor ice skating rink in the world behind us.

Ben and I on top of one of the famous pyramids in Mexico D.F.

That's us climbing one of the pyramids. Good thing I wore an orange shirt. Easy to spot. Ben and my cousin Beto there too. We were a bit sneaky, see all of the masses of people climbing up, well there were heaps more on the ground waiting to climb it, so much so that it wrapped the pyramid(about a 40 min wait). We didn't want to wait, so Ben came up with the idea that we would go up the exit. So we did.

Some fun pictures

So I am part of a mother's group that meets every Tuesday and occasionally we have a big shin-dig so that partners can come too. So we had one a couple of weeks ago and here are a few pictures. This is Kai with his friend Austin. I think Kai looks like such a big boy in this picture.
This is the race to get a present. Everyone brought a gift and we let all of the babies go and grab the one they wanted. See the little girl in stripe tights - she was born in the same week as Kai.

And while all of the other babies went after their gift - Kai sat there and cried. He was a very tired baby.

So we took the gift that was left - and it was the perfect gift for him - maracas and a tamborine. He loves anything musical. He plays with them all the time.

I just like this picture . . . I think he looks cute. He loves to be wherever I am and I always seem to be in the kitchen. And he loves being under the table - lots of different things to hold on to and climb up on. And of course, I love that cheesy grin.

I like this picture because Kai loves to follow daddy to the door whenever he leaves and he will watch him leave and wave bye-bye. This time - he sat there and just watched Ben mow the lawn. I just thought it was adorable. You can kind of see Ben in the background.

Bad hair day?

Poor Kai has so much hair he doesn't know what to do with it. Every morning he wakes up with a new doo. It is very cute. Here are just a few snaps of his doos.

Is this saying something about him? (li'le devil)